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CCTV Installation

CCTV also referred as video surveillance are devices that are installed for the purpose of enhance protection and for the monitoring of activities. To secure and management are the most key benefits. Properties who have these technology installed are likely to reduce the possibility for attempt of criminal activities; hence increasing the probability of safety. CCTV Installation can help managers and business owners have full control of the business and also provide significant level of protection for all staffs within the premises. The use of this techonology help business owners and managers to protect the business, monitor employees activities in order to improve performance.

What type of Security System?

These security systems comes in different types. Some of the types are bullet, hidden, dome, night/infrared vision, board/desktop/covert, wireless, network/IP, HD, PTZ/Speed and ther type. These security camera has its distinct purpose but all are installed to keep track and monitor every occurrence in any establishment. Any hazardous acts or suspicious activities around your home or business will be recorded 24/7 and can be reviewed ad any time. With the right security systems installed, it would be easier for you to identify individuals which are liable for any incident because of the recorded video footage.

CCTV Installation and Maintenance of Security Systems

We are fully specialized and capable of provide the ideal solution that will suits your needs. We can Design and install any sort of security system according to your requirements. We have dedicated CCTV installers which are fully specialized in the installation of these systems to help protecting your home and your business when you are not there.

Commercial CCTV Installation

Commercial CCTV Installation to monitor the activities that goes on in your business premises even in your absence. Our CCTV Installation package for commercial use are perfect for monitoring the security of your business premises while you monitor your employees. At 1security systems you can find a wide variety of CCTV system solutions to boost the security level of the business premises. Our installations are durable, designed to withstand harsh out door conditions. You can conserve energy by opting for motion sensor cameras that enhances the surveillance of your premises after office hours. We offer a wide variety of CCTV cameras and mounting that suits your needs, capturing all activities, storing them in drives where they can easily be retrieved.

Commercial Security System

1security systems provides affordable CCTV Security systems for commercial purposes. This improves the security definitions of your business premises ensuring that administrators keep track on what is happening at every point in time. We would develop a network of cameras to provide extended coverage including remote areas of your premises. This is very important as it is a proven deterrent against vandals and unwanted visitors. If properly installed and maintained, it has the ability to reduce criminal activities significantly.