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How to choose the best CCTV camera for your office?

how to choose cctv
how to choose cctv

The various types of CCTV cameras available can be mind-boggling for someone who knows little about them. Below are a couple of tips which should help you choose the right one for your office.

Consider an infrared CCTV camera

An IR camera can quite literally see and record in the dark. It makes recording the activities in and around your office after hours easy. It switches from colour to black and white as soon as the light is reduced below a certain level. The cameras outside of your office can be waterproofed to withstand cold temperatures and moisture.

Dome cameras work in all types of office environments

You can get infrared domes that have added features such as being vandal proof, and with pan, tilt and zoom options. The smoked dome cameras offer an extra degree of view which makes it easier to monitor employees, customers, and everyone else that enters the office.

Install one with the highest resolution

Superior picture quality is the biggest reason why you’ll want to go for the highest resolution. There are cameras with 480 tvlines or more that offer good value. A 500 tvlines camera can provide much better quality and when needed the video can be zoomed and enhanced to identify a culprit.

Wired versus wireless

The decision between wired CCTV cameras and wireless ones is not that difficult. As a rule of thumb wired cameras have better resolution and so are a lot more reliable. Wireless cameras need to be powered at the location they are installed, so they are not truly wireless. Also, most wireless cameras require line of sight to send the footage to the receiver which can be challenging depending on your office environment. In an office environment a wired camera is the best choice.

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