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CCTV benefits for your business

With crime rates on a daily rise, there is no doubt that CCTV installation is very important in order to secure your business and it has many benefits. In addition to the fact at business owners can remotely monitor activities at their business premises, here are some additional benefits.

  • Crime Prevention such as Theft and Burglaries

Today, many business owners invest thousands in machinery, improving the quality of services rendered to remain competitive. These investments must be protected and CCTV Security is an efficient option to provide surveillance over your property and to secure your business.

  • Help staffing management and security

This service benefits business owners and managers by allowing remote monitoring of all staff activities at work place leading the employees to be more productive.

  • Provides Solid Evidence for Claims

Video never lies. In the event of a break in, video footage from the Surveillance camera will serve as credible evidence for investigation and for making claims on insurance.

  • Remote Monitoring

CCTV systems are usually setup with a central point for monitoring, however, they can be setup for remote controlling, affording more flexibility. Remote monitoring is a turnkey solution to your CCTV Security requirements as it affords users flexibility. At 1security systems we offer our clients this solution, combining different expertise and many years of experience to achieve this, ensuring that our service quality is at par with the latest industry standards. Remote monitoring is very necessary when it becomes difficult to maintain a manned presence of your facility. Video feeds can be viewed via internet and mobile phone views.

  • Internet Video Surveillance

1security systems the best security systems solution that allows users to remotely monitor their properties via the internet. Home owners can monitor their residence from their offices.

  • Mobile Phone Monitoring

Our CCTV based video surveillance unit provides the best video coverage allowing clients to remotely monitor their homes from applications on their iPhones, iPads, Mac Computers and windows based devices. Besides offering quality services to our clients, we are also known for our exceptional customer care and after sales services.